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  • WAR HOG flying on a rainy, windy day. 

     War Hogs at Sikeston MO

    Mini Hog Wild testing (War Hog prototype)

    Mini Hog motor testing (War Hog prototype) 

    Catch a Hog Wild By The Tail

    Hog Wild Video with Hog Wild Music Lots of Planes (10-15) engaged in cut throat combat.

    Watch 20-25 planes engaged in cut throat combat, some Hog bowling, with Myron and Bob, some dueling combat with Tina and Kevin, Lynxswiler's Hog, Mike's Hog, Tina's Hog

    WADE & DAVE Flying the Hog Wild RC Plane


    Hog Wild Crashes and Hog Bowling

    Hare and the Hound Combat and multiple places

    Hog Wild style Combat Wing Touch and GO!!!