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The "Hog's" first designs were made from blue foam which flew well but did not hold up well in combat. The final design is made from Coro-plast (registered trademark) which I feel has the best properties of rigidity and durability. Although it seems rather simple in design, a lot of tweaks have been made over the years to produce the plane as now presented. It flies as if on "rails" with no bad habits be it fast or slow. The "kit" only requires gluing on the two vertical fins and the control horns so assembly is very quick. The pvc equipment tray is factory installed so thrust alignment is no problem. The carbon fiber wing spar is also factory installed. All pushrod control connectors are Du-bro brand quality. Control pushrods are pre-bent and the ends are deburred. The motor mount is predrilled. A detailed instruction manual and decal set complete the package. To personalize each plane, the painting is left up to the individual and believe me, you will want something a bit different when you have several planes in the air at once. Any paint will work as nothing affects the coro-plast! - But combat is not the only thing the "Hog" does well. It could very well be your favorite sport plane. And don't even think about wind as a problem. If you can stand up in the wind, you can go fly. We have flown combat in 40 mph wind and you will only notice a bit of decrease in flight times. You will fly this plane when you would not fly anything else! - Try flying formation with several planes in a large circle and gently bumping each other at slow speed. It requires more skill than you think and when you knock your buddy down, no harm is done. Figure '8' racing is a hoot with the middle of the course the collision area! Inverted limbo?? The sky is the limit. The "Hog" also makes one of the best trainer planes. Dial down the control throws and go fly. If you run it into the ground pick it up and go try again. This is not your father's .40 glo powered balsa and Monokote trainer that will be totally destroyed on the first crash costing you a couple of hundred dollars and a lot of aggravation. - When you have a plane that's practically indestructible, will easily fly in the strongest winds AND is dirt cheap, then you have a plane that you will fly more than any other!!! 



Frequently Asked Questions for Hog Wild v2

I. What is in the kits? 

The ARF "Hog" kits contain the main coroplast body and 2 vertical fins, and are precision die cut. The PVC equipment tray is factory installed in a jig so that the alignment is perfect. The Velcro battery strap is pre-installed as well as the protective nose piece. A carbon fiber tube which is the wing spar is factory installed. 

Included but not installed items; 

2-  Vertical Fins 

2- 1/16" piano wire pushrods that are pre-bent with a "Z" bend on one end. Both ends are pre-tapered to allow easy Installation. 

2- Dubro easy connect hardware for the servo output arms. 

1- Motor mount. 

1- Set Assembly screws and washers for the motor mount assembly. 

1- Set of Velcro pieces for the battery, esc, & receiver 

1- "Hog Wild" decal set. 

1-  Canopy and installation Hardware

1-  Instruction booklet  

II.    When will my order be shipped? 

Usually your order will be shipped within 2 business days. But, If at all possible it will be shipped on same day the order is received. 

III.    What transmitter will I need?

 Any transmitter with 3 or more channels will work. It must have the capability of "elevon" mixing to work correctly. Obviously the more "bells and whistles" you have will make it easier to fly such as servo reversing, dual rates and exponential. 

IV.    I am new to R/C flying.

Do you have any recommendations? We strongly suggest you join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) which is the national organization for model flying of all types. Your membership includes a subscription to Model Aviation Magazine and multi-million dollar liability insurance. It really is a no-brainer. 

Contact information: www.modelaircraft.org 1-765-287-1256 AMA will also be able to direct you to local flying clubs, where you can find help in learning to fly. 

V.    What about safety issues? 

Model aircraft are not toys! At 60 mph they can and will do damage. If you are a brand new pilot, seek instructor help. Most R/C Clubs will be glad to give free instruction. 


Safety First Always. 

VI.     What about Center of Gravity? 

The C.G. is not critical since you can use a 1300 to a 2200 battery. The ideal C.G. is 3/8" to 1/2" forward of the leading edge of the propeller slot opening. 

VII.    How much flight time can I expect? 

Flight times will vary according to wind and throttle usage. With conservative throttle use you can expect a 12-15 minutes flight time. Battery size has a little affect since the larger batteries weigh the plane down.

Good info available about the Hog Wild on RCGroups forums: